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Published June 7, 2023, 8 a.m.

ITACOSM2023 - 8th Italian Conference on Survey Methodology

New Challenges for sample surveys: innovation through tradition Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance “Giovanni Anania”, 7-9 June 2023

ITACOSM 2023 UniCal

ITACOSM is a bi-annual international conference organized by the Survey Sampling Group (S2G) of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) whose aim is promoting the scientific discussion on the developments of theory and application of survey sampling methodologies in the fields of economics, social and demographic sciences, of official statistics and in the studies on biological and environmental phenomena.

ITACOSM2023 is mainly intended to be an opportunity for survey practitioners, academic researchers, official statisticians and statistics stakeholders to assess the current state of survey sampling methodology and practice in a time when traditional survey methods are undergoing continuous and rapid revision, in terms of key aspects of design, collection, processing, estimation and dissemination. On the one hand, new methods and techniques, based on Machine Learning algorithms and Statistical Learning tools, are more and more gaining ground; on the other hand, the scope of data sources is increasing due to the uptake of administrative registers and various forms of so-called big data.

The conference will promote and spread the multifaceted connection between new tools for data science and survey sampling methodology covering emerging topics in survey and official statistics. 

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8th Italian Conference on Survey Methodology